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    No video with Component


      I have a slingbox solo and i wish to use the Component Input.


      However, when i do so, i get the "" with no video. Sound is ok .


      I have tried with my DVD, which have Component output and i have tried with my Clint DC3 DVB-C tuner (HDMI output put through the converter in the link below.)


      Both devices works fine on my TV.


      Any idea for a solution ?



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          Matt.Sling Apprentice

          Hi gotskov,

          There are a few possibilities, but we have an article: Watch on Slingbox.com plays audio but no video that walks through several troubleshooting steps.

          Are you trying to view your Slingbox using Watch on Slingbox.com or via a mobile SlingPlayer (such as an iPhone)? Are you on your home network or away when trying to use your Slingbox?

          Hope this article helps!


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              No, that didn'y help much, but i still found a difference. Can you "read" any from it?


              iPhone and iPad.
              Start with "no signal", but after a few seconds, it goes to "The connected video signal is not supportet".


              OSx Maverick

              Shows "no signal"


              Windows 7 with IE


              It "image" is solid, no movement at all, even if i change channel.

              All OS's, browesers and apps are fully updated. Sound works on all the above. iPhone and iPad tried on both wlan and 3g, no difference.

              (The "The connected video signal is not supportet" is translated from danish, so it might slightly off) 

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                  I have the exact same problem.My box is a Slingbox solo from 2009, and I get my TV signals through cable (fiber) on a Thomson DBI8500E-TLN2.
                  Connection through composite is ok when using SCART to RCA Composite, like this: http://m2.sourcingmap.com/smapimg/en/n/09a/rgb-scart-male-rca-female-adapter-converter-29622n.jpg

                  But component is not working at all. I'm getting various errors, like: "No video signal", "Unsupported video signal" or The connected video signal is not supported".Sound is ok.

                  I'm using HDMI directly from the tv-box to the tv, and component is going directly from the same box to my slingbox.

                  Sometimes I get a disturbed picture for a second or two, with an overweight of red, until it changes back to "No video signal".
                  It's really frustrating, because I would prefer the better component quality.


                  What could be the reason for this? I have connected red-red, blue-blue and green-green.

                  I've tried several cables, so I doubt there is a cable-problem.

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                      alanrichey42 Master

                      Almost certainly your device has HDCP implemented.  This disables the component output if the HDMI output is in use.   The solution is to disconnect the HDMI cable from the TV and use the component OUT from the Slingbox to drive the TV.

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                          Thanks for your suggestion. I disconnected the HDMI from my set-top box, and used component only, directly to the sb solo.

                          I didn't connect it further from sb solo comp. out to TV, but looking on the internet stream, the picture says "No Video Signal". When maximising the window, it turns pink.

                          I'm at a loss here. The set-top box is just a week old. I haven't verified the component out signals from the box, but since its brand new, I assume it should be ok. I will try to connect component directly from set-top box to  TV, to verify the comp. signals. (Havent figured out how to change the TV to use component input yet...)

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                              alanrichey42 Master

                              Yes, that is the logical next step.

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                                  Well, guess what! I managed to configure my TV to use Component from the menu, but still no picture. So I went online to search for the user manual for my set-top box, and there it says: "7. Component connection (not in use)". WTF???

                                  Why would that be disabled? Because of HDCP?


                                  So now what?

                                  Is it possible to use a 2-way passive hdmi splitter, plus a hdmi-to-component?

                                  Then I could split the hdmi from the set-top box; 1 going directly to TV, and the other going to slingbox? I don't have hdmi on my slingbox, so it will have to be converted to component... Would this work? I have allready the hdmi splitter, but I don't have any hdmi-component converter.


                                  Appreciate any help or suggestions to improve my current composite signals...




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                                      Maxcats Novice

                                      Could be collateral damage of the 'Analog Sunset'.




                                      The issue is that placeshifting devices are analog boxes in a digital world and it's catching up.


                                      Component will soon be a connection of the past just as S-Video is.


                                      I think it has been disabled because your box may have offered full HD output and the copyright holders among others are now restricting the component output on all devices.


                                      Incidentally what does the SCART connection output?

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                                          Thanks. I will read this. I was thinking it had to be some kind if copyright issue.


                                          SCART is working, using the composite like this (yelllow output):



                                          But the picture quality is not the best. Would any of these connections work?

                                          The box diagram above says scart (s-video) above, so maybe scart (rgb) could be disabled?

                                          What about the HDMI splitter above? Would that work?




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                                          OvCollyer Apprentice


                                          An HDFury4 (aka 3DFury) would be an all in one device that would do that - it has an HDMI input and both HDMI and component outputs. The HDMI output would go to your TV and the component output would go to your Slingbox.



                                          Or, go for the cheaper HDFury3 or HDFury2 and use your splitter. These devices take an HDMI input and output a component signal.



                                          There are other cheaper devices than the HDFury2/3 though - some have been mentioned in these very forums, so do a search. The HDFurys are quite expensive, but I've used them for years so I can vouch for their quality. But you may get just as much success from other cheaper devices.


                                          Avoid anything labelled as an 'HDMI to component cable' though, it won't work. It needs to be a converter, as the signal must be converted from digital HDMI to analog component and thus requires circuitry.


                                          PS another variation would be HDMI from your cable box into an HDFury2/3 then component into the Slingbox, then component from your Slingbox to your TV. This would avoid you needing a splitter and I certainly can't tell the difference between HDMI and Component at HD resolution.

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                              I am wondering... does it exist a box/converter, that take 1 HDMI as input, and can output 1 x HDMI + 1 x YPbPr at the same time?

                              Similar to this, but I think this is 2 HDMI input? And I dont need VGA-out.


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                                  OvCollyer Apprentice

                                  Yes, the 3DFury (aka HDFury4) does this.


                                  Quite expensive though.

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                                      What about the HDFury3? Does it have 1xHDMI input and 1xHDMI + 1xYPbPr(RGB) output? I find it quite hard to find the specs.


                                      And you're right about the high prize... it was in the upper range of what I would like to pay for this.

                                      Is there any delay in such devices? Since audio is connected directly for the component part, that could be out of sync with video, in case of delay...


                                      Any other recomendations to devices that has 1xHDMI input and 1xHDMI + 1xYPbPr(RGB) output? I have done some extended search for the last two days,

                                      and can't find any device that has exactly my demand, which I find quite strange. Found some chinese devices that claim to do it, but picture does not show what I expect. Besides, the minimum buy was 100 pcs I think...

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                                          OvCollyer Apprentice

                                          No, the HDF3 doesn't output HDMI, only Component.


                                          There is no delay with the HDF4 as it outputs audio too via 3.5mm phono but even if you don't use this and connect the audio directly between the STB and the Slingbox component you don't get a delay, at least not a noticeable one to me.


                                          But yes, not cheap and a splitter plus a lower price HDMI to component converter would save you some money.

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                                              I haven't decided if I will go for the hdfury4 yet (the need is not urgent). But I wanted to improve the composite signals, so I bought this SCART to S-Video today. But the picture is all grey on my SB...    The in/out switch on the scart is set to "out".

                                              Why grey picture???



                                              EDIT: Sorry! The setup-box output on SCART was configured as composite. It's ok now.