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    Unable to see Video through Slingbox.com


      I watch my slingbox on one of my 2 laptops daily. This past Tuesday when I tried to connect I got the new Slingbox.com landing page that required you to go through the 2 new "What's new with SlingPlayer for web?" pages. When I finally navigated through these additonal pages and logged in I connected to my slingbox but receive only audio...no video.


      Let me stress that the only thing that changed from everything working on Monday to not getting video on Tuesday was the page navigation and pointers at Slingbox.com.


      Let me also say that while I could/can not see video on either of the laptops I have had no issue seeing it through either my Android phone or my Apple iPad but of course they don't use slingbox.com. So we know there are no connection or cable issues or all viewing would be impacted. Addiionally when I contacted the chat and phone units they were able to connect to my slingbox and get both audio and video.


      I borrowed my daughters laptop and tried to connect but had the same video issues. From an environmental perspective I am on a Slingbox Pro HD and I am running Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista. I have the video issues on IE 9, IE 10, and Firefox. I believe I was able to use the plugins installed before the new landing page unsuccessfully and the was prompted to install an update whioch I did. I also completely removed the plugins and reinstalled them on all laptops. The result...no video on 2 and no video or audio now on the Windows 8 laptop.


      While I made no changes to any of the other programs, config, etc prior to the new landing page on Tuesday I have done the following since then with no luck:

      1) Disabled the security software and attempted to connect with no change

      2) Went into router and removed the firewall pinhole for Sligbox and then reinstalled the pinhole


      I am at a loss now.


      Something in the new Slingbox.com landing page requires changes most likely to either router or Internet Security settings but nobody is able to tell me what to do.


      When I contacted the chat and phone groups they were quick to tell me that I am out of warranty and that they can not help me further....taking no responsibility for the fact that the trigger event came from the new Slingbox.com navigation.


      Has anyone else had these type of issues? Does anyone have any ideas on what settings can be tweeked to get the video streaming?



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          anthony.sling Apprentice

          Hey stevelandr,


               Thanks for posting! There could be a few other reasons to cause the Slingbox to not have video when you are receiving audio.


          This article will further explain how to resolve this issue:

          Best Regards,

          The Sling Media Moderation Team

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              Anthony....Thanks for the response.


              Unfortunately nothing in the linked article is applicable to this issue.


              I am able to connect to my slingbox using the slingplayer app on both my phone and iPad when at home or on the road. Additionally I had someone at your customer service support line tell me that they were able to connect to my slingbox from their location and see video. So if I had any connection issues those would also be impacted (but for the record, I went through and double checked all cables anyway). When trying to access slingbox.com the lack of video is consistent across 4 different computers in my home/office.


              If there is a problem with my logic or understanding of the technology please let me know but the issue causing my problem was initiated by the launch of the "Newwatch.slingbox.com" page and associated splash pages. Something in the new pages must be affecting the previous settings in my residential gateway/router to no longer allow video through.


              Can you confirm for me what the various required settings are for my firewall to access the current slingbox.com site? Is the protocol still TCP? What is the Port range beginning and ending number? Any other setting requirements?


              Is the old slingbox.com access page for streaming still available so I could revert back to it until someone figures out what's going on with the new one?


              Thanks for any help!

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                  anthony.sling Apprentice



                  Thanks for the feedback.


                  The streaming protocol is still TCP. The ports the earlier model Slingbox uses is 5001, 5002, 8080, 443. The Slingbox 350 and Slingbox 500 will configure for any open port beginning with 5201.


                  In most anti-virus software and security softwares you are able to add in a rule to allow the Slingbox and Slingbox website through without interfereing while your firewall and security software still work properly.


                  Best Regards,

                  The Sling Media Moderation Team