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    Control of A/V Devices over IP?


      I'm wondering if the Slingbox can be setup to control devices over IP?


      I have a Control4 system, and use a legacy Slingbox to control my system via IR.  Well, the new Control4 controllers can no longer receive IR commands, so I am unable to use my Slingbox to control my system like I used to.


      Is it possible for the Slingbox to control a device over IP as opposed to over IR?  For example, could I write a driver for my Control4 system, load up the commands, tie them to the remote buttons, tell the slingbox the IP address of my C4 controller and control it over the network?  I can control the Control4 system over the network, I just don't know if I can teach my Slingbox (I'll buy a new one if I need to) to send commands to a device over IP.


      I would be willing to do the work to write the driver if this is possible.


      So, is it possible?  Can Slingbox send out commands over IP to a device on the LAN?