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    Airplay to AppleTV 16x9


      With the new Airplay feature how do I get Airplay to display 16:9 (16x9) video on my tv? When I select the airplay option the video shown is still in 4:3 (4x3) and looks elongated.

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          I have tried to stream from iPad 3 with SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad to an HDTV via Apple TV with the latest firmware using a Slingbox Pro-HD.  It comes out looking squashed into a 4x3 or nearly so picture.  It certainly isn't 16x9 even the the HDTV is.

          I also tried to stream from an iPhone 5S running iOS 7.0.3 using SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone to the same Apple TV on the same TV - this came out looking horizontally stretched!

          Changing the aspect ratio on the iPad or iPhone within SlingPlayer Mobile had no effect.  I tried moving the app off of AUTO quality onto HQ but that also made no difference.

          So I don't see what the big announcement about AirPlay support is all about.  It still doesn't work!

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            anthony.sling Apprentice

            Hey vphung,


                 Thanks for asking! Does your Apple TV menu fill the screen completely? If not, you may need to change the aspect ratio on the TV, or resolution the Apple TV puts out in the settings.


            Hope this helps,

            The Sling Media Moderation Team

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              craig.sling Novice

              Hello vphung,


              This is a very strange issue that you are having. I have a few questions I would like you to look into.


              • What aspect is your cable box in?
              • What aspect is your TV in?
              • What aspect is the Apple TV using?
              • Is the apple TV hook up with HD or SQ cables?


              What we see is that if the cable box were in a setting that is not 16:9 the picture can come through on certain devices as 4:3. Some TVs are fit to the custom aspect that your cable box is out putting and this would cause the TV to look correct even though the Slingbox does not. You can try going into the cable box settings and changing the aspect that and than correct the aspect on the TV to match the new aspect. This would resolve the issue on the Apple TV while making the TV in your  home look correct.


              Hope this helps,

              Sling Moderation Team

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                  Cable Box - 16x9

                  TV - 16x9

                  AppleTV - 16x9

                  AppleTV - HDMI cable


                  Please review the photos I have attached.

                  First photo - screenshot of my cable box showing that I have it set on 16x9.

                  Second photo - a picture I took with my iPhone of my TV screen. At the time I was using AirPlay to show my Slingbox Mobile for iPad image on a 16x9 plasma TV.  As you can see, it doesn't fill the screen and is wildly distorted.

                  Third photo - a screenshot of my iPad when I turned AirPlay off, right after taking the previous photo..  This is the exact same frame from the previous photo (I had paused the DVR), but it is correctly shaped on my iPad running Slingbox Mobile for iPad.


                  Now can you please stop saying that there is something wrong with my configuration and fix your buggy software?

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                  adamvanpelt Newbie

                  Ditto the other posts here.  Changing the aspect ratio while AirPlaying from within the app (not mirroring the iPad display) also does not seem to do anything.  On any of the three aspect ratio settings, the picture appears to be more of a 4:3 aspect ratio on my 16:9 TV.

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                      Downloaded the new iOS app for iPhone and iPad today.  Same problem.

                      Using AirPlay continues to give the distorted sort of 4:3 I enclosed as attachments earlier.


                      Interestingly, if I use AirPlay mirroring from the iPhone or iPad, it produces a properly shaped picture, but the resolution stinks that way and the performance is terrible despite a fast wifi network.  The direct AirPlay (initiated from the AirPlay icon on the SlingPlayer screen) produces good performance, just the wrong aspect ratio.


                      Please, at least someone from Sling reply to my posts!

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                      This has been an issue for at least two years . https://www.facebook.com/SlingboxUS/posts/363484166996305. You can try mirroring which improves the picture slightly but still produces a postage stamp appearance with a black border around the picture. I was initially excited by the recent press release for Airplay but absolutely nothing changed for me. I have called sling several times and they act like they've never heard of this problem before and it's frustrating. Personally I'd like to see a native Slingplayer app for Apple TV similar to what exists for neotv with no airplay at all. Hopefully we can get some help on this message board. 

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                          First - it's not up to Sling whether there's an app on the AppleTV.  That's up to Apple.  And having spoken to people inside Apple, there is no added value to them having people keep their cableTV.  They want people to buy TV from iTunes.


                          But, I agree.  Airplay support sucks.  Hardcore.


                          Now before the Sling customer service person comes on and blames my setup.


                          My TiVo is sending out an HD 16x9 signal.


                          My AppleTV is in HD.


                          Other apps, like BBC iPlayer, Airplay perfectly.


                          If I plug my laptop into the TV, it works just fine in HD ( but with the horrible buffering issue the latest update brought, but that's a seperate issue ).


                          It's your crappy app.


                          Honestly, the iPlayer App is a perfect example of Airplay done right.  Start streaming, turn off iPad.  Keeps streaming in absolutely beautiful quality.  Hours later, iPad battery still at 97%.


                          I'm going to be upgrading my TiVo to a Roamio to use their placeshifting tech instead.

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                              You are not correct regarding your assertion that Apple is at fault here.  This is not "an app on the AppleTV"  It is functionality for AirPlay within Sling's own app.  The app is written by Sling, not Apple.  Apple provides an API (application programming interface) that allows developers to include AirPlay support within their own app.  Sling is just using it wrong.


                              This is obvious because as you say, many other apps use AirPlay correctly.


                              Don't let Sling off the hook for their years of terribly buggy programming.

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                                  i was responding to the user who wanted a native AppleTV app.

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                                      OK, understood.

                                      An even better example of AirPlay done right is AirVideo or AirVideoHD.  Even Elgato's EyeTV can effectively Sling to the TV with a proper aspect ratio, etc. if it is paired with a box like a Happauge HD-DVR and a ZephIR blaster.  The EyeTV app allows you to tune the box to the proper station, then stream it to your iOS device, and you can AirPlay it to the TV.  Works perfectly.


                                      The only issue is that Sling does it with better compression algorithms so it works better over cellular networks.  But since Sling can't figure out AirPlay, their app is useless for this purpose.

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                                Just want to add that I've got the same problem, and posted about it in July: https://community.sling.com/message/91740


                                Since then, I've updated all iOSes, SlingPlayers, etc to the latest versions, and the problem still occurs.


                                Strangely, I could get the correct aspect ratio when AirPlaying to XBMC (on a Raspberry Pi), but XBMC had other problems with AirPlay (being an unofficial implementation), and it's been blocked by iOS 7 now, anyway.

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                                  Has anyone gotten a resolution to this issue?  I am still experiencing it.