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    TV signal stopped working


      our slingbox pro hd was working fine until a couple of weeks ago.


      The digital tuner was working fine and then it stopped. It is not picking up any of the digital tv channels.


      I have tried resetting the system and re running the whole setup but to now avail. it is finding the network just not the digital channels. It is like the unit is not connected to the coaxial cable connected to the aerial (but it is as I also plugged it into a tv to text it and it works fie


      I installed a dvd player and that works fine.


      I also tried to fit an external digital tuner but it would not recognise this either. It was not on the list. I tested it on an external tv and it worked fine.


      I cannot find any reference to this issue on the forum.


      Any suggestions or help will be gratefully received.