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    Network connection issue with slingbox 500



      I purchased the slingbox 500 two weeks ago. I used cable internet connection to connect the box to internet. During the setup, everything went well. The box recognized the cable connection and got onto the internet. I can view the channels remotely from my ipad, android phones, etc.


      However, one issue I experienced recently is - from time to time, I cannot connect to the slingbox with my phone or tablet. The error message always shows the box is not connected to internet. Since I can remotely check my router status via an app provided by the router manufacturer(D-link), when I met the issue, I always check the router status first. I found the box lost connect and it was not in the DHCP table of the router. If I reboot the router, sometimes, it can get the IP and then connects to internet. However, sometimes, even I reboot the erouter, it still does not get the IP. I checked the network setup of the box, on the TV screen, it shows "Ethernet network - active". If I click that, I will see an cycling icon and after some time, the error message will pop up and say network is not available.


      I used to suspect it was an issue with the network cable, however when I plug the same cable to my laptop, the laptop gets onto the internet immediately.


      I also tried to power off the slingbox and turn it on again. It works sometimes, but not always. When the cable connection does not work, if I use WIFI connection, the box can get to the internet.


      So to summarize the problem,


      1. Can get onto internet initially, but always lose connection after a few hours if I don't connect to the device and watch the program via slingbox. The network light is off. Sometimes rebooting router can help, sometimes reboot slingbox can help, and sometimes none of them help. I tried to reset the device, it will work after reset. But after some time, the problem comes back again.


      2. Cable network itself is good


      3. Shows Ethernet network is active, but just cannot connect to network. Meanwhile, WIFI works.


      I am trying to test WIFI connection now and see if the connection can stay. But really don't understand what the root cause is. Does slingbox fall into sleep mode if it is not used for a while?

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          Salutations, gamepool.


               I'm not one hundred percent certain of what the cause is in this case, but I do wonder how long your Ethernet cable is. Even though it may be a functional cable that works with your laptop, it may cause the very issue you're describing if it's more than 10 feet long. If this is indeed the case, I'd definitely recommend using WiFi instead.


          Hope this helps!


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