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    350 & Pro HD streaming picture quality issues


      i currently have Pro HD & 350 located in Japan with 100mb upload Hikari Fibre, (constantly stay above 60mb, no caps)


      Remotely logged in from UK with 120mb download Virgin Cable, (usually stay high speed but has caps on peak hours, but not on data)



      If i view within network in Japan both Pro-HD & 350 produce just over 8000kbps and 350 looks sharper (which i expected)


      If i view remotely from UK, on pro-HD i get constant 1800kbps, which is acceptable viewing quality.

      However if i try on 350 the speed varies so much usually remain well below 500kbps. in same cases below 200kbps.

      also 350 will never go above 1200 so Pro HD always produce better picture quality remotely, why is this ? i have check all the possible things but cant think of anything, any ideas?

      If i upgrade to 1000mb upload fibre in Japan would that sort out the majority of fuzzy picture? cat5e cat6 issues? faulty 350? 350 firmware issues?