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    The remote will not setup - can't use my slingbox


      My remote used to work, now it is asking me continually to set up my input even after I have completed the process.  It seems my slingbox reset a month ago when may others' did as well.  I posted a note back then.  All of a sudden my admin  password didn't work.  I used the generic "admin" and was able to  log-in (which confirms a reset took place).  Then it asked me to set up my remote (input) on the watch screen.  And that's where I have a  problem.  I go through the whole process, the remote works during the  setup, but when I go back to watch, it seems that it didn't take.  It  keeps asking me to set up the remote.  I did it multiple times.  My  system status is "green" but I can't set up my remote and therefore  can't control my dvr.


      I have just downloaded the new mac plugin and I have the same issue.  I haven't been able to watch anything for a month.  Would someone please clue me in?  Thanks