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    Slingplayer not working correctly on wifi


      Recently I have been having issues with my slingplayer not working correctly over wifi at my house.  Let me setup my situation


      The slingbox 500 is setup at my parents house.  When I'm over there on their WIFI it works fine.  When I go to my house and try to use it it will connect but afte a couple minutes i get the "connection failed, make sure your phone and tablet are connected to the internet" message.  Now I also use the slingplayer to watch tv on my phone when I'm outside of my home over verizon 4glte connection at work, in the car, etc. and never have this problem.  So why all of a sudden I'm I having this issue at my house on my wifi connection when using slingplayer on my phone or tablet.


      It use to work fine at my house, I recently upgraded my internet speed with Time Warner which required me to have to take back the modem I had with my standard speed and get the modem they use for the Extreme speed.  On the old modem there was a jack for connecting a router to, on the new modem there is no router specific jack, just 4 ethernet ports because this modem is also a wifi router.  I have an ASUS AC66R router and wanted to use that with the new modem like i was with the old modem.  So since it doesnt have a WAN port on the modem i just plugged it into on of the ethernet ports. Wireless signal works fine for me to connect my devices to but Slingplayer is not working correctly.  So anyone have an idea on whats the problem.