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    60FPS playback removed in the latest plugin update?




      The latest web-based SlingPlayer plugin seemingly disabled 60FPS playback with the newer devices (350/500), which I believe is due to the different video decoder that's being used. Prior to some of the latest updates, the video decoder that was being used (at least on my end) was "Microsoft DTV-DVD Video Decoder." Now, "Sling-H264-IPP-Decoder" is being used, which doesn't seem to support 60FPS playback at the usual "Best HD" quality choice. Of course, this is all under Windows, since the Mac version of the plugin never supported 60FPS video to begin with.




      It's not an issue with my Slingbox 500, as I can use http://sourceforge.net/p/kmttg/wiki/slingbox_capture/ which will record 1920x1080 video at smooth 60FPS.


      Does anyone within Sling know if they'll bring back this decoder, or edit the new one to play 60FPS video? It's very disappointing not to get super-smooth video anymore.