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    Slingplayer On Nexus 4

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      I like to stream the local TV news audio on my drive to work with my Nexus 4.  I have tried both forcing 2G and using 3G/HSPA+.  It seems like it works better with forced 2G, but I will often miss telepjhone calls when streaming audio.  I either case it will stop from time to time and it usually  happens in the same location each time.  That leads me to beleive that it is related to the T-Mobile network, rather than a short coming of the add itself.  Anyway, does anybody here happen to know if the app would be more reliable if I were to get a phone with T-Mobile LTE service?

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          Greetings, 272600240041765.


               While I can't personally attest to the reliability of one mobile carrier against another, I can verify for you that the application will most definitely work better with a stronger, more consistent Internet connection. If switching data plans gives you better service, I say go for it!


          Hope this helps!


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