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    How to change Slingbox in iPhone App

    brsing Newbie

      I recently switched from a Slingbox HD Pro to Slingbox 500. 

      How do I point my iPhone APP to the new device?  It is still trying to connect to the HD Pro named device.



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          stanley.sling Apprentice

          Hello brsing,


               Thanks for posting in our Answers Forum! Now I understand that the SlingPlayer application is still trying to connect to your Slingbox Pro-HD despite now having a Slingbox 500 on the account. Now in order to connect to the Slingbox 500 unit is to click on the "Directory" option when you first open the SlingPlayer app, the Slingbox 500 should be displayed here and you should be able to just touch the Slingbox 500 from within the Directory to connect to it. If you do not see the Slingbox 500 within the Directory and only see the Pro-HD displayed, just click on the refresh icon located in the upper right-hand corner of the directory and this should display the Slingbox 500.


          If you no longer use the Slingbox Pro-HD and would like to remove it from the directory altogether, check out the article linked below:



          Hope this helps!


          Best regards,

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