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    New Chrome Plugin is Worse


      I don't like the new Chrome plugin. When the video is not maximized, the remote always starts in the wrong place with half of it hidden, and when you do have it maximized and are trying to navigate through saved shows, the remote disappears too quickly and makes it hard to use.

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          Hello jack2345,


          I understand you are having some issues with the latest SlingPlayer plugin for Google Chrome.  In order to assist you with the issues you are experiencing, we would need to verify that you are using a compatible system when viewing our website.


          Please verify that your PC or Mac meets system requirements by checking the article linked below:




          Awaiting feedback!



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              I have not been able to get the Chrome Plug In or the Firefox Plug In to work. I have the latest version of both. I am running windows 7 64-Bit. When I checked my slingbox data, it says last connected today but it never connected. Every time I try and watch I get the "What's New With Sling Player For The Web" page. This happend on Chrome and Firefox. I just bought this thing on Sunday. Its pretty frustrating that this problem is happening.