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    Slingcatcher Hotel IP Setup


      I am about to travel to a hotel where I know I have to accept the hotel agreement on my PC before getting internet access.   Has anyone set up a slingcatcher in this environment?   I was thinking I could login to the hotel network using my PC, set the slingcatcher IP to match the one on my PC and then quickly swap the ethernet cable from my PC to the Slingcatcher.  Does anyone know if this will work?

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          eferz Expert

          A lot of it depends on how the hotel supports internet access.  Some places I've been in uses quite a sophisticated mechanism to provide access.  While other places, its a complete joke and everything else in between


          The one thing that you'll have the most problem with is remote viewing access, since that's not something you configure from the Slingbox.  Rather its something you'll gain by router/firewall configuration.


          Honestly, I don't understand what would compell you to bring the SlingCatcher with you.  When you probably could have left it running at home and be able to access from within the hotel's internet.

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              I think you are confusing slingbox with slingcatcher with your comments.  I already have remote access to my slingbox.  I want to set up my slingcatcher in the hotel so I can remotely connect to my slingbox and view on the big screen tv in the hotel room.  In the past I have done this with a AV converter from my PC, but slingcatcher has a much better interface.


              The slingcatcher by default uses DHCP to get its IP address and that won't work in a hotel that has you click on an access agreement.  The slingcatcher has no browser to accept the agreement.  You can, however, set a static IP address within the slingcatcher, so I am thinking I can accept the agreement on my PC, check what my IP address is, set the IP address to the same static address on my slingcatcher and then quickly swap the network cable from my pc to the slingcatcher.


              Has anyone tried this or had any success from a hotel where you must accept their agreement first?

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                  Actually, if you have your computer with you,  you could carry a small router with you, put the slingcatcher and your computer on your router, accept the agreement on your laptop and the IP the router gets should be OK and forward the traffic to your slingcatcher.


                  Just a guess.


                  Most hotels have terrible internet though, doubt you'll get much joy from that.

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                      A definite guess.   I have a small wired router and I could try that, but I hate to drag all this equipment overseas without knowing for sure.   Last time I just ran everything off my laptop and connected my laptop to the TV.  Downside is no remote.   The Slingcatcher Remote is really what makes the Slingcatcher a great alternative to using a PC for slinging in a hotel.   I can even control the hotel TV with it with a couple of learning commands.   Anyone else have experience or willing to try it out on a business trip tonight?   I am leaving Tuesday evening.

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                        There is another thread with basically the same issues but I'll say I too have brought a router with me when working out of town and was able to make my own "network within a network". It seemed daily I would have to "re-agree" to the hotel tos with a computer through the router then I was good for another 24 hours. In fact after work myself and a few co workers would hop on that setup to work on our laptops instead of using our aircards as the reception wasnt that great where we were at. Worked out pretty good. Then I was able to hop on Xbox and my personal comp after that.


                        Another hotel had just wifi access and the front desk had wireless ethernet bridges that they loaned out (they didnt advertise they had them) and I was able to tie that into my router config there too. I didnt have my slingbox/slingcather at the time so I can't attest to those working but everything else worked fine. If memory serves there wasnt much bw to be had tho...


                        on a side note, I too am devestated by the slingcatcher being discontinued...I just thank my lucky stars I picked one up at Best Buy before they started drying up. It worked so well I wanted to get another for the bedroom but I'm not gonna pay 400 bucks for one now. I just make due with the iphone and the laptop instead. :-/