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    Component video cable missing?



      I did my research on the Slingbox website. I watched the support video for the 350. It clearly says that the red green blue companent video cable is included, and that if you DVR is already connected vi HDMI you can leave that connection in place and just use the compent cable to link the slingbox and dvr together.


      See this link

      Getting started with your Slingbox 350




      However, I have just taken delivery of my slingbox 350, opened it up to find that the RGB cable is NOT included. On page 2 od the Get Started guide is says the RGB cable is not supplied and must be bought as an extra, and it indicates that I cannot leave my DVR connected to my TV via HDMI


      This is pretty inconsistent and I do not understand how it can be supplied as an HD slingbox and then not include the cable to facilitate that.


      Am I missing something?


      Many thanks for any advice from the forum


      I am UK based

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          Hi Community

          Any ideas how I can ask this question directly to Slingbox? I have tried the Support Chat function - it never connects to a technician... just hangs there waiting. I cannot find an email address to write to them. I am not so keen on paying international call rates to try calling them in the USA as I imagine I will just end up ins long queue and not get answered...


          How do I complain about my missing cable?


          EDIT: I have now spotted the UK phone number to call - so called that. Queued fro 20 mins and got through to a nice chap in Amsterdam who is looking into why the 350 was sold to me by John Lewis in the UK without the component cable


          I will log back here what response I get