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    iphone tv out?


      I just bought slingbox pro hd and bought slingplayer app.  I have a 3gs iphone that is not jailbroken.  I would like to have slingplayer play on my car video screens for the kids.  i bought the composite cable and can't get it to work on the screens...however, I can get the videos to play that are already in itunes.


      Is there a solution or app for this without jailbreak?





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          eferz Expert


          Officially: No.


          In my  experience, only the offical apps which break out using the standard  MediaPlayer.framework will work with the iPhone AV cables.  Those app  include Quicktime, YouTube, iPod, Safari, and Streamtome.  There are  probably more but those are the one I've used personally.   Unfortunately, the Slingplayer for iPhone only uses bits a pieces of the  framework with a custom UI overlay, so it does not support TV out  natively.


          Jailbroken:  Yes (via Cydia apps).


          In the MediaPlayer.framework API there is a class  called MPTVOutWindow that can be used to force TV out.  Unfortunately,  its an undocumented class, so its not offically supported by Apple.  All  of the apps that have tried to used it was denied on the iTunes App  Store.  However, if you have a jailbroken iPhone you can get apps like  TVout2, Landscape TV Out, or ScreenSplitr in conjunction with the  Slingplayer app to support TV out via the Apple Composite or Component  Cables for iPhone.

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              thanks for the answer.  I ended up doing the jailbreak with cydia and it works flawlessly....thanks

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                  Can you explain more, i.e. with what program you had the best results and/or on what cables?


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                      Sure...I am not tech saavy, but I took a stab at it.  Understand when you jailbreak your phone, it doesn't unlock the phone..in any event, Apple doesn't like either actions.  Jailbreaking your phone just lets you used unapproved apps and unlocking it allows iphone to be used on other carriers.  In any event here is the site I used.




                      and it jailbreaks your phone and downloads the app "Cydia"


                      You will then click on Cydia and search for tvout in the search bar of Cydia


                      pick "tv out tuner"....


                      Voila, it worked flawlessly and you can adjust it to your preferences.


                      FYI...there is videos on youtube as well.


                      Finally, I did this so I can have my slingplayer play in my car for the kids on the headrest monitors.  I use the Apple composite caple that you can buy at apple MB129LL/B.


                      Good luck

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                          johngg Newbie

                          lash good work-  how is pic quality?  have you tried it n a larger tv ,  cheers john

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                              yes, I have tried it on a 32" LCD and the picture is pretty good....especially the HD Channels.  My guess is that you lose some generations over the internet, however I am not an expert.  I must admit, the picture is not as it would be as if it were hard wired to the cable box, but on the other hand, given the infancy of the technology, I feel the picute quality is excellent.


                              I can envision being out of town over Thanksgiving at the "in laws" and being able to watch my football games that are only broadcast regionally.


                              Hope this helps.



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                                  eferz Expert

                                  While Slingbox uses a SlingStream 2.0 technology.  It is a proprietary technology which is an encrpyted VC-1 or H.264 video stream and PCM, AAC, or WMA audio stream with a variable bitrate and compression technology.  This allows the Slingbox to output a stream which will give you a good picture depending on the client and the available bandwidth.


                                  You would actually get a much better picture quality if you were able to use the Slingplayer Desktop on laptop connected to a TV.  That's because Slingplayer Desktop could take advantage of the higher bandwidth speeds and better hardware to push HD video.


                                  The current Slingplayer for iPhone actually doesn't do anything better than 480x320 (landscape).  On a standard definition television 640x480 the display is pretty good.  However, if you try to use it on a something with a higher resolution like the iPad (1024x768), then you'll be a little disappointed due to 2x oversampling.  You've probably already notice iPad owners impatiently waiting for a native iPad app to take advantage of the available resolution.  It gets worse with the increased resolution of the bigger HDTVs.

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                        hi i dont have slingplayer box but i download it on my android phone in i dont kno how to use it can you help me