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    Handling problems when abroad


      I have a Slingbox Pro HD located in Sweden and I am in France.


      I have a motorola cablebox VIP 1963.


      I have tried lots of Remotes here in France including "bins"- Nothing works with the effect that I can only watch the channel which is on

      in Sweden.


      My questions


      1. Is anbybody  more having this problem?

      2. A year ago Slingbox had Motorola 1920 and/or Kreatel 1903 in their library. These remotes worked for me at that moment but I cannot find

          these remotes anymore.

      3. Can I reset the Slingbox. I have a person that is in Sweden now but the computer I use is with me in France. If I reset will my computer

          in France "find" my Slingbox in Sweden?