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    Only local network


      I have been searching all over the place and I cannot find this answer.  I would really like somebody from Slingbox to actually respond.   I have a sling box which is used about 95% of the time on my local network.   I have a home office with mulitiple monitors.  Instead of buying a TV or a tuner card(which comcast always seems to break) I simply watch my basement TV using the slingbox in my office.    I see the signal going out of my network to then come rightback in to my computer.    Can somebody explain how to make the sling box stream locally on my network with out going out to the internet and comming back?        Can comebody explain why Slingbox is not smart enought to see that the stream is on the same network and stream locally.     I don't see the need to leave eat up upload/download bandwith for something which is only 50feet away.

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          OvCollyer Apprentice

          Just a quick Q - how are you seeing the signal going out and back in again?


          The reason I ask is that even with local viewing there is still an initial connection made to Sling's servers to retrieve the details of the Slingbox (I know, seems stupid in the case where it's on the same LAN) but the actual streaming still takes place over the LAN.


          Are you able to monitor the Internet bandwidth used and confirm that the stream is indeed going out and back in?

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            I'm not sure that it goes out and back in either... at least for my environment, there's no way that it could, simply because I'm getting a bandwidth of 7-8Mbps and my uplink speed is about 3Mbps.