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    Slingbox 350 to Virgin TiVo




      I have just got a SlingBox 350 from US and didn't think of checking Virgin TiVo connections.


      I was wondering if someone could guide me through what cables I need to get from the Virgin TiVo to the Slingbox.


      The Virgin TiVo box has HDMI out and Scart RGB out (I think RBG anyway), I've connected to my tv via HDMI, so have two options I think:


      1) Connect via a Scart RGB to the slingbox using some kind of converter cable (to get to the component 5 input or composite 3 input in the SlingBox 350)


      2) connect via a HDMI splitter (sending one to TV and second to sling) using a HDMI converter of some kind.


      What are the cable options available to me? I've read loads of differing reports on active and passive cables; for the moment I just want to get it to work and not too bothered about image quality.


      If anyone has set this up could you mind talking me through how you've connected? Can you watch from scart and HDMI at the same time?



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          callanish Apprentice

          Keep it simple. If you are willing to sacrifice picture quality for ease of setup, I'd say just focus on the scart connection coming out of the tivo box as your slingbox connection. Since the US 350 probably only came with a composite cable, you'll need to find a composite to scart cable to plug into the tivo. Splitting the hdmi signal will only give you a blank video signal due to the hdcp protection on the tivo box, so the analog scart setup will be the easiest to work with while keeping the hdmi connection from your tivo box to your tv working.


          If you want to go down the complicated route, you're looking at something like the hdfury 3 which removes the hdcp protection allowing you to take advantage of the component connection. Forget about the sling 350 hdmi port. It's not going to be useful with the tivo box.


          So, just look for a composite to scart cable and plug both cables in, then run the setup choosing composite as your output source.