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    Problem streaming 350 with NeoTV Slingplayer




      I have a problem connecting the 350 with NeoTV.  It was working acceptable before the recent Slingbox firmware update (1.03.162).  What I mean acceptable was the streaming was continuous, except sometimes pop up code 7, 9, 25 and 10003, in which 10003 was the worst like everyone know it already.  Now, Sling release the firmware update claims that the 10003 has been fixed.  To be honest, I still see it once a while, but a lot less frequent, but seeing code 7 more than before. 


      My current problem is the streaming pause for a second or longer every couple seconds which make it pretty much unwatchable.  Did a factory reset on the 350, no help.  However, the mobile device and computer connected to the same network has no problem at all.  When I have this problem, the NeoTV in-app connection information show me the current bitrate (speed) is in whopping 2 digits or sometimes 0.  For the speed like this definitely the screaming will be broken.  But why I have no problem on the other devices? 


      The slingbox  is connected to a switch then connected to a route which connected to Verizon FIOS; for the NeoTV, it is connected through a Wireless boardband which have about 4-5mbps download speed.  The same configuration has been using since January this year, the screaming was acceptable, but now it is broken every few seconds.  I don’t know it is a coincident with the current firmware release or NeoTV update.


      I tried to talk to the Sling support.  Did what they recommend, no help.  They could not replicate the problem on their lab, so they said the case cannot escalate to next level.  But I personally think it is the NeoTV slingplayer app issue because I can stream Youtube HD video no problem that proof my everything include the NeoTV is working fine.  The slingplayer app is old anyway, it was released December 2012, I think the app need to be re-written as it is poorly designed with slow response.


      I post my problem here because I wish an engineer may have seen it and aware the problem, hoping one day I really can enjoying streaming on the TV without error code and interruption.


      Are there anyone here has the same problem or it is just me alone?  I am open for any advice, please comment.



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          Today, I contatced Sling again.  The problem still exists.  The interesting thing is they cannot duplicate at their end, and refuse to escalate the issue again.


          I followed the recommendation from the agent, performed a factory reset to the box.  It still does not fix the issue, and it seems to me the problem escalated on my end.  Now, even the smartphone using the T-mobile LTE has a speed of 12Mbps d/l and 4Mbps u/l has the same issue, the streaming pauses every 2 seconds.  NeoTV using home ethernet (hard wire) pauses for about 10 seconds for every 1 second streaming.  Computer using the wifi under the same network with NeoTV can stream probably with a stable bitrate of around 1000-1100kbps.  However, the smartphone or tablet using the same wifi has the same streaming issue too.


          ** The NeoTV Slingplayer in-app test, shows me the connection to internet 4.6Mbps, and the connection to Sling server is 1Mbps. **  <==--- This intact with the bitrate I got on the computer.  So I can conclude NeoTV and computer are working probably, and so does the home network and internet have no problem.  The issue is the Slingplayer does not function probably.


          I further proof that the NeoTV has no problem, because it can stream HD video from YouTube have no issue; also, as mention above, the computer using the same network with NeoTV could stream probably.  Therefore,I can eliminate the problem from network, NeoTV, internet and Slingbox.


          I also tried to connect to my friend's Slingbox with smartphone and NeoTV by using home Wifi and Mobile LTE, same  problem  I further tried using my  neigbhor's Wifi, same problem.  Where is the problem?  Any idea?



          ***  Please correct me if I am wrong.  My understanding of the Sling technology is very simple, Slingbox stream to the cloud server, and the Neotv (receiving device) connect to the cloud server and get the stream.  ***


          My tests above show all three components have no issue.  Where is the issue come from?


          I have to say that the problem starts about 2-3 weeks ago.  The timing of the problem starts and the firmware release date are so close, I could just think the most recent update has bug which blocks some type of connections to the server or the slingbox, and the Slingplayer app are functioning differently across different platform.  Unfortunately, the agent refuses to let the engineer looks into it.  The agent doesn't know the answer but not advance it to next level, and claims it is an issue on my end.  Isn't mobile Slingplayer app is a Sling product?  It is very interesting that the agent asks me to contact my phone service company for why it is not streaming.  How the phone service company knows why the Slingplayer app is not working.  Poor customer service just work on preset script.


          If any one has the same issue or similar, please discuss here.  They will not escalate the case if they don't have enough complaints.  We need enough voice to have Sling engineer look into it.