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    Viewing Recorded DVR Shows On TV Has Smaller Picture Size Than TV Screen Size


      I just bought and installed a Slingbox 500.  This is my first Slingbox.  It seems to work fine except when I view a show recorded on my DVR.  I am viewing it on the actual TV using the DVR.  The picture on my TV screen is about 1/3 smaller than the actual TV screen.  The size od live TV is normal (fits the TV screen fully).  I have HDMI and compnent inputs and HDMI output.  Does the Slingbox have to be turned off in some way?  I can't figure this out, but it's annoying.

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          Hello ACC5713445,


          Thanks for the post! I understand you are having an issue with the Slingbox passthrough not allowing the DVR recordings to display in the proper size on your television. Now this is certainly a strange issue you are experiencing and at this time, I would recommend changing your hookup a little bit. I suggest connecting the DVR box directly to the TV using an HDMI cable and just have the Slingbox connected to the DVR box with component cables. This should allow you to get the regular viewing experience on your TV from your DVR and still allow you to connect to your Slingbox from anywhere to view that DVR. Be aware that using solely component cables from the DVR to the Slingbox is not going to lower your viewing quality in any way as component cables are still HD and are in no way inferior to HDMI cables. If you need to reconfigure the inputs for your Slingbox in order to get video from the component source, you will want to go to Newwatch.Slingbox.com, connect to the Slingbox, click on "Settings", and then click on "Configure Inputs".



          If you need further assistance with this, please do get back in touch with us.


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