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    Sides of picture/signal on mobile devices are cut off




      I'm having a problem where any picture coming from an HD channel on my ATT U-verse box through to my mobile devices (iPad and iPhone) is wider than can the screen can display. In other words, the l/r sides of the picture are getting cut off. It seems like a simple aspect ratio problem, but I'm just not able to resolve.


      I believe I've narrowed something down to a setting on my ATT U-verse receiver, but have not been able to resolve so that all of my devices (TV and slingbox) are living harmoniously together.


      My equipment:


      -Slingbox Solo (first part of SN is R27)

      -iPad 3rd Gen (model A1430)

           -iOS 7.0.2

           - Slingplayer 2.4.4 (just recently uninstalled, rebooted the iPad, and re-installed)

      -iPhone 5 (model A1428)

           -Slingplayer 3.6.4

      -Motorola VIP 1216  (AT&T U-verse receiver)

      -Located in Los Angeles, area code 91367

      -the Slingbox is connected to the ATT U-verse box via RCA out

      -TV is a Vizio HDTV (model VF551XVT)

           -connected to U-verse receiver via HDMI


      The symptoms:


      The sides of the signal are getting cut off on my iphone and ipad. For example, if use the guide provided through the ATT U-verse box, I can't see the channel numbers and names. Changing the aspect ratio on the ipad and iphone simply change the size/ratio of the picture being displayed on the device - they don't adjust the amount of picture coming through.


      On the ATT U-verse receiver, if I navigate to Menu > System Options > TV Screen Resolution and change the output resolution to standard (from 1080i), the problem is resolved. I also see the problem on HD 720p.  Of course, changing to standard resolution means that I can't watch TV at the best resolution, so not a tradeoff I want to make.


      When the U-verse box is set to HD resolution and I am watching an HD channel which comes through in a widescreen format, the picture that comes through is in standard format with the edges cut off.  Could this be due to the fact that the U-verse box is connected to the Slingbox via RCA cables? If I try to connect the U-verse box to the slingbox via composite cables, the picture does not come through. However, I AM able to connect the U-verse player to my TV via component cables, so that seems to suggest a problem with the slingbox component input.


      What else can I do? Help is very appreciated!


      Please let me know if you have any questions or need any more info from me!