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    Works great on home network, no sound over internet


      I've been using my Slingbox Pro at home for awhile and it works great.  I'm now out of town and was hoping to watch Walking Dead tonight.  I fired up the SlingPlayer on my laptop and tuned to the correct channel.  Picture is fine, but no sound.  Laptop volume is set to max, as is volume slider in SlingPlayer.  I next tried Watch on Slingbox.com.  Same thing, no sound.  Being thorough, I next tried my android tablet, then my android phone, and still no sound.  I have a very basic setup at home.  I have a cable running to a digital adapter from my cable company, then coax to my Slingbox Pro.  That's it - I'm not passing anything through, just a cable in.  I'm not home, so I can't try resetting the box.  Any suggestions?

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          Hello skydyver,


          Thanks for the post! Now I understand you were having some issues with the Slingbox Pro not transmitting sound to any of your devices. Now, I was able to connect to the Slingbox Pro using  some of my tools here at the office and I was able to successfully able to get both audio and video. Have you done anything to change your setup and are you now able to get audio?


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