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    Channel Line-up change not reflected in Slingplayer


      Time Warner Cable in Albany, NY recently changed their channel line-up but the change is not reflected in the "guide" on Slingplayer. I researched this a bit and found that Zap2it supplies TV listings to Slingbox. Their website still shows the old channel line-up. Am I corret to assume that if and when Zap2it updates the listing, it will automatically be reflected in Slingplayer or do I have to do anything?



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          Hello ACC1630317,


          Thanks for posting in our Answers Forum!  Now I understand you are seeing the incorrect channel lineup on your Zap2it guide on SlingPlayer as well as the Zap2it website, and you are wondering if the guide should be corrected once the Zap2it website updates for the new channel lineup. I can say that because the Zap2it guide is a third party feature, we cannot gaurentee if it will be updated as soon as their website is update, however this should be the case shortly after the update.


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