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    two sling boxes, same tv


      I would like to run two sling boxes off the same tv.  each sling box would have its own interent account (obviously).  i assuming, (but not completely sure) that i could split the video feed coming out of the tv, with a connection to each slingbox.  question is, can you have two slingbox connections running over the same Interent connection?  ie: we have Comcast Internet connected by cable modem to router.  both sling boxes would connect to their own port on the router.  but is it possible for both of them to run simultaneously?  situation is two kids away at college, both want to watch Boston Bruins games.

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          ferguspa Apprentice

          For a while I had a Slingbox 350 and AV hooked up to the same video output of a DirecTV receiver.  Assuming you have enough upstream bandwidth to support both of your Slingboxes streaming across the Internet at the same time, I don't see why this would be an issue.  Note both Slingboxes will see the same television programming.