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    Network light


      I have a slingbox pro and my network light wont come on at all. I try the hard reset and the power light doesnt go out or blink at all.

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          Is it connecting to your network?

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            I have the exact same problem.  All I did was move it from my bedroom to my office, and now no network light comes on.


            I noticed this thread, that is still cached on google but looks like it was removed from slingbox forums?  Is there a known issue with SlingBox Pro's?



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                Yes, there is a problem with them! My first slingbox pro was replaced under warranty. Network light went out, which meant the port was dead. Now, the replacement just died too. One day it was on, not its not. resetting has no effect.


                Since this is now out of warranty, i am screwed. slingmedia needs to come clean on this common problem. I have no desire to spend this kind of money again on such an unreliable product. My DVR is the same age, no problems! and it has moving parts!


                Sling media needs to offer a cheap upgrade for us slingbox pro customers who have this problem.

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                Hello TaeLinn2 and Jcolson,

                Thanks for participating in the Forum! Please take a look at these links to troubleshoot this issue.


                All about the lights on the front of the Slingbox


                Sling Media Support - The Network light on your Slingbox is off


                The Network light on my Slingbox is blinking. What does this mean?

                The Slingbox Answers Forum Moderation Team

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                    This has to be more than chance.  It has got to be hardware or firmware related for so many to have the same problem.  I've used a SB Pro and SB Tuner for the past couple of years without problems.  Recently, my Pro hasn't shown up on the list of available SB's but the Tuner does.  Despite numerous resets, changing cables, and reconfigurations, the Pro network light keeps blinking.  I can't tell which firmware it has because it isn't recognized.  Doing what is suggested in the post above does nothing.  I like the products overall, but am not too happy about the prospect of paying another couple hundred to get the Pro's capabilities again.

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                      interesting that "support" doesn't reply to anyone when thier suggestions don't work. mY box does nothing when trying to reset it. Same thing my first one did.


                      How you can have frequent  bad ethernet  ports in this day and age is amazing. I am an IT professsional, and a LAN port failure is very rare.


                      I don't know what has happened to Slingmedia, but they went from company with a great product and great support, to ignoring the issues with thier network ports and charging thier customers for any kind of support.


                      I guess they want to emulate Sony, who has been screwing thier customers for years with thier short lived DVD players, and PS2 and Ps3's that overheat and die.


                      Hopefully someone will come along and offer and alternative to Slingbox. It's too bad, I really like the product when it works. But too expsenive to replace every couple of years, I only use it when travelling. I am also out the money for the mobile app as well.

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                        I have been doing all the suggestion made by moderator, without success. My networkport on my SlingBox Solo just dont work anymore, after 2 years of use. It just stopped working one day. I can´t find any solution to this problem, there is no tech people around to fix the problem. What do the moderater suggest me to do?

                        Best regards,


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                        yeah i have the same problem. yesterday it worked fine and noe today i tried to connect with my laptop and it says make sure you are connected to the internet. i looked at the hd-pro and the network light is out and the power and connection light is solid not moving left to right. idk what it could be so i tried to reset it and it wouldnt even reset at all. looks like a software issue in my eyes.

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                          I have the same issues with no network light and the U lights on as solid red.

                          I can't reach the slingbox from my local network.

                          My box worked perfectly for 2 years (it actually stop 1 day after my 2 year period) and now it appears to be dead.

                          I know the network cable is fine since I can connect it to my laptop and get on the internet without any issues.


                          What policy does slingbox have?

                          Can I get a refurbished unit if I send my broken one in?

                          Or is my only solution to go and buy a new unit?