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    Installed 500 on Directv HR 21 great!!!  Need help on Laptop


      Hello Friends,

           I bought a SlingBox 500 and installed it today between my DirecTV HR 21 and my Pioneer Plasma HDTV.  I used both HDMI and Component and used a Ethernet cable to router.  Everything on the TV seemed to work great.   When I went to my Mac Book Pro-retina using mountain lion 10.8.5, I downloaded the slingbox plug-in and it doesnot do anything.  I looked for directions and found none.  Anyone know what this Alaskan is doing wrong.  My internet speed is 8mb (fastest available for residential).   Many years I tried to install a Slingbox Pro (red receiver) and atleast it gave me a player on the internet screen.   Please help folks...   Joe Ray Skrha  at:  joeray.skrha@gmail.com