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    Remote delay over 5 seconds after new update


      After the newest software update I downloaded yesterday, the delay on my remote actions have extended to over a 5 second delay. Has anyone else found this to be a problem? Is there anyway I can remedy this situation? The previous delay was annoying but understandable, this delay is just unacceptable.


      I have a slingbox pro-hd and use it with a macbook pro 2.9 GHz Intel Core i7, 8GB memory.


      Thanks for any assistance as slingbox told me that I would have to pay $29.99 for them to take a look at this since my slingbox is over a year old. Of course I didn't have a problem until their update!



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          I have the same problem of delay with my mac since the last update.  Indeed it is not acceptable level.  If it is due to the buffering size increase, I don't understand such update as the image was already good and no improvement after the update, but just delay was increased significantly.

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            I'm having the same problem since the update.  The delay is now always between 5 and 10 seconds.

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              Here is the response I got today from Sling Media Support:



              7:34 PM  Support session established with Patricia.



              7:34 PM Patricia:
              Thank You for contacting Sling Media Technical Support. My name is Patricia. Which product are you looking for support on today?



              7:35 PM Eric Ashmore:
              pro hd




              7:35 PM Eric Ashmore:
              I tried to chat with you guys the other day and was told that no one else was having this problem.



              7:36 PM Eric Ashmore:
              please see the link I provided to show that others are having this problem since the most recent firmware update.



              7:38 PM Eric Ashmore:


              7:39 PM Patricia:
              Our  system indicates that the Slingbox is outside of the one year warranty  period. Therefore, it's not eligible to receive complimentary support  other than the use of our online resources, like our knowledgebase or  Slingbox Answers Forum. I will be happy to assist you with technical  support but there would be a technical support fee of $29.99 USD for a  pay per incident, you would have to call in to the call center at  1-877-467-5464, to pay that fee.


              7:39 PM Patricia:
              If it is posted on the forums then the engineers will see it and there will be an update sent when they fix it.



              7:39 PM Eric Ashmore:
              No. I won't pay for something that you messed up!



              7:41 PM Eric Ashmore:
              Who can I speak with directly about this problem, that won't try to charge me money?



              7:41 PM Patricia:
              No one you can post on the forums. That is how the engineers see it.



              7:41 PM Eric Ashmore:
              That is unacceptable.



              7:42 PM Eric Ashmore:
              It was working fine until the update.



              7:42 PM Eric Ashmore:
              Can you forward this to an engineer?



              7:43 PM Eric Ashmore:
              Or am I just stuck with this problem that your update created until they get around to it?



              7:44 PM Patricia:
              You will have to wait on a fix.


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                I have been experiencing 10 to 12 second delays since the update.  Before the update the delay was only 1 or 2 seconds.  I hope slingbox addresses this issue soon.

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                  MAC SLING BOX UPDATE slingplayer



                  GO BACK TO  slingplayer IT WORKED AS IT SHOULD.

                  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR.

                  WE CAN USE  slingplayer

                  WHILE YOU FIX  WHATEVER IS SO MESSED UP IN .3.19.434

                  THEN RELEASE IT WHEN ITS FIXED....


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                    I am having the same issue.  When I spoke with the help person they acted like it was news to them and after 10 minutes of BS they directed me to post in this forum as "the engineer's monitor it." They kept offering me a case number and had the nerve to send a survey on the service I didn't receive. I sure don't see any response from anyone but us users.  I have two 500 units and only one has been updated.  The difference is quite noticable.  I DON'T want the other unit updated but am sure I will not have a choice.  Either fix it or buy them back along with the apps for the Iphone.

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                      I am having the same problem...a delay of about 5 seconds after the new update around 10/12/13...using Firefox 24 on Mac OS X Mountain Lion, MBP Retina display with 16GB RAM and 512GB internal SSD.  This makes the remote control almost unusable.


                      Please fix this as soon as possible or allow us/tell us how to downgrade to previous plug-in version.

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                        karog Newbie

                        I experience a pretty consistent 6 second delay between an action on the remote and its consequences on the display. As others have stated, this began with the latest forced plugin update. This makes the slingbox really unpleasant to use. Fast forward and reverse are a compete crapshoot. Navigating DVR menus is tedious.


                        I really hate the unnecessary corporate policy of forced update. I should be able to restore the preivous plugin and use it but it just forces me to update again.


                        I have noticed no benefit to the update, only the painfully slow interactions.


                        I now actively discourage others from buying Sling products. I have a PRO-HD but will never buy another Sling product due to these terrible corporate policies.


                        Stop forcing updates and fix this problem.

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                          brett.sling Newbie

                          Hi all,

                          Thank you for posting on the Sling Answers Forum. We understand your frustration with the remote latency issue and are actively investigating the issue. While there is no fix date to provide at this time, it is a high priority for an upcoming release.


                          Thank you,

                          Brett, PM @ Sling

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                              Thank you for responding Brett. Is there anyway that updates can be changed from forced updates to optional? If we could just go back one update then we wouldn't be having this problem.



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                                ferguspa Apprentice

                                I've finally had a reason to watch a lengthy program remotely on my Slingbox 350 (I mainly use it at home on my LAN).  The LAN performance of the remote control seems fine, but the WAN performance of the remote control is unacceptable.  It seems like the SlingPlayer Plugin for Mac OS X doesn't aggressively dump the buffered stream and try to immediately take playback to "now" to show the result of a user-initiated remote control command.


                                Comparing against the (no longer supported, I believe) SlingPlayer Embedded shows the Embedded player much, much more responsive to remote control commands.  SlingPlayer for iPhone is less responsive than the Embedded player, but in my setup it's still better than Watch on Slingbox.com.