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    Unable to change channel in "guide screen" for Dish 211


      I just got a slingbox 500 and have set it up. A few questions,


      1. I am connecting 500 to my Dish 211t (satellite program). I am in Aisa. From the setup menu of slingbox, I can only find Dish Network (satellite USA) and the channels downloaded are all those in USA which are different from the ones in Asia.  Is there any way o sync the slingbox with the Dish Asia programm?


      2. I selected VIP 211 as the device model. When I am using slingplayer on my iPad2 (IOS 7)as well as iPad3 (IOS 5), I got the same problem. I can change channels with up and down button on the virtual remote control pannel directly when a channel has been opened and displayed on the screen. However, if I click "guide" button on the virtual remote control, I can see the list of the channels, but when I tried to use up and down button no the virtual remoe control to move from one channel to another in the list, at most of the times, it does not work. The blue color highlight bar will just stay at the current channel in the guide list and it does not move. Very seldomly, it could move 1 or 2 channels up or down then stop there forever.  How can I fix it?  I have 100+ channels on my Dish 211, I cannot just use up/down to change channel one by one. I know I can enter the channel ID to move to it quickly, but that means I need to remember those IDs. I prefer to find the channel from the "guide" list and click "select" botton to move to it.


      3. At my Web Slingplayer, after I click "show/hide remote control" button on the screen, nothing happens. The remote control never pops up. I am using Windows 7 (64bits) and IE 9.


      4. How can I know the Slingbox 500 ID number?  I followed the instruction on the support site, but I still cannot see the ID at the mentioned location. I can see name, model, MAC address, etc but not ID.


      5. On my android phone, when I open slingplayer, it keeps asking for password, and it is not the password of my sling account. What is this and how I can get it?