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    new Netgear R6300 router with SB Pro HD problem fixed


      This is more informational than anything...


      I have a slingbox Pro HD installed at my sisters house in Boston (2MB upload) that was working perfectly fine over the last few years. However, over the past several months we've had problems with network stability. By that, I mean what used to be a consistent 2080Kbps, started to fluctuate randomly anywhere between 230Kbps and 1900Kbps. The numbers mostly hovered around 1100Kbps and the picture was coming in very choppy.


      I was sure the problem wasn't on my side because I have both online MLB and NFL online streaming packages... and each comes in crystal clear.


      So I sent my sister a new router (Netgear R6300) and while things improved for her, she wasn't able to connect it to the slingbox. We followed all the information available on the setup/slingbox videos, input all the information (port forwarding) in the Netgear router config tables, but still no luck... the setup-assistant couldn't locate the slingbox. Then we tried resetting the slingbox by holding 5-10sec as suggested in the videos... even tried ~30sec. Nothing seemed to get the network LED on the front of the slingbox to stop from blinking-red.


      Finally, I decided to try the slingbox support service and pay for a slingbox expert to fix our problem. Fortunately, the person I spoke with on the phone fixed my problem with a simple suggestion, saving me time and money. She suggested I hold down the reset button for at LEAST 60 seconds... before going any further and paying for technical support. When I did, the network light finally came on and I was able to do the rest with the slingboxes setup-assistant.


      Sure enough, that seemed to do it. After doing all the right things, all it took was a correct reset... at least 60 seconds. I wish I would have known that from the beginning... but I'm very grateful for the professionalism of the slingbox help-desk support for not blindly pushing me onto second-tier support. It would have left a definate sour taste in my mouth if I would have had to pay only to be told to hold the button down longer than the slinbox support videos suggest.


      So what worked for me and my new router was holding the reset for at least 60 seconds. The setup assistant did the rest!


      Many thanks slingbox... class service -proven.


      Dave (Germany)