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    can not connect to slingbox since upgrading the browser plug in error w200


      Ever since i updated the browser plug in for chrome and IE i am unable to connect to my slingbox from work. i have tried it on 2 machines with the same results. there has been no firewall changes, the only thing that has changed is the plugin update. i am able to connect from phone without issue so i know theres connectivity there. Anyone have any ideas?

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          Ditto here pal.   I've been monitoring these forumns for the past 24 hours to see if I'm the only one.  All the sudden, I can't connect anymore.  Worked great 48 hours ago, but not since last night.


          The start of my shift, I got a request to update my firefox browser to ver 24.  I did that, restarted the computer and ever since then, I get the dreaded message:  "We detected very poor Internet connectivity or a loss of Internet  connection. Please verify that your Internet connectivity is working  fine before retrying."   It comes back very fast with that message so I suspect there is an obvious connectivity issue.  I can't speak to the "no firewall changes" at my office, but I know my phone works through the internet. A buddy tried it from his office and it works fine still (he didn't upgrade any browsers recently).  I've got a Sling 500 and an older legacy Slingbox Pro HD.  Odd part is, I can still use the legacy SlingPlayer software for Windows to connect to the old slingbox on the same office/work machine that won't work through the browsers.


          Anyway, I'm sorry for your issues, but I'm afraid you're not the only one.



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              with mine here's the wierd thing..i took one of the machine's( my windows 8 laptop) and took it out of our corporate enviroment and it connected. the same windows 8 laptop and a windows 7 tower are not able to connect sitting in my coporate network. as i said no firewall changes have been done on our end, i would know i'm our IT guy. the only varibale here is the plug in that was updated.

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                VSOTestCart Newbie

                I posted the same problem under the Legacy SB100 community.  After the (forced) ActiveX  Plug-in upgrade this week, no one in the company can reach any of the SB100, Classic, SBs when using the browser/Internet access.  We have tried, different browsers, IE, Firefox, Chrome... all will not connect from within the company network.  We can still however use the Desktop client and connect to the SB100s.  We still have a lot of these units installed, so we had to find a work-a-round by using the client, vs 2.0.


                Using the browser and Internet connection, we can still connect to the other legacy SB,  SB PRO and SB PRO-HD.  The only problem is with the SB Classic.


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                stanley.sling Apprentice

                Hello bnasiadko1,


                Thanks for the post! I understand that you are not able to connect to the Slingbox using Newwatch.Slingbox.com on a Windows 7 and 8 PC from within your corporate network since updating the SlingPlayer plugin. I also understand that when you leave the corporate network, you are then able to connect to the Slingbox. Even though no changes have been made to your corporate firewalls, it is still most likely the cause of your inablility to connect. It is possible that the latest version of the SlingPlayer plugin is now being caught by these firewalls that were using prevously standing rules. I would highly recommend trying to lower these firewalls or allowing the SlingPlayer plugin to pass-through by changing the firewall settings. This should allow you to connect to your Slingbox without any issues.



                Hope this helps!


                Best regards,

                Sling Media Forum Moderation Team

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                    While i do appreciate the response unfortunately to me that answer is unacceptable...Loosen my security on my corporate network to accomidate something your engineers broke? thats ridiculous. what could you guys have possibly changed that is all of a sudden not being allowed to pass through my firewall. prior to the update it worked just fine, i find the attitude of your corporation a little upsetting ...we broke it but it your problem seems to be the general thought pattern there. your engineers should at least allow a roll back to the previous plug in until they can solve whatever they broke. It's post season baseball right now and i have to miss it due to Slingbox's error..

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                        craig.sling Novice

                        Hello bnasiadko1,


                        Like previously stated, if you can connect outside the business network and you can not connect inside the business network it must be an issue with the network you are connecting on. Being that it worked on the older version of Firefox there are a few things you can try. You could go to a site like File Hippo and install an older version of Firefox on your work computer. This would let you install the older plug in and watch the Slingbox on that computer. I will post a way to uninstall and reinstall that plug in.



                        Other than lowering your security settings on your business network there is not much that will get that working for you other than install an older version of the browser and not updating it. There must be something in the filters of the company settings that are filtering the new version of Firefox that it did not filter on the older version of Firefox.


                        Thank you,

                        Sling Moderation Team

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                        VSOTestCart Newbie

                        I also find this an unacceptable solution to a problem caused by SB.


                        Lowering firewall security is not the answer. We would like to know what changed in the plug-in which is now preventing access to spacific SB hardware. My experience, only the SB-Classic device is affected, but we can still use the client desk top software to access the SB-Classic units. We have resorted to that fix as a work-a-round.  The fact that I can still connect to SB350/500 devices with the new plug-in, tells me I don't need to adjust the firewall.


                        What concerns me is the "forced" plug-in upgrade pushed out. SB corp. obviously doesn’t realize this software push has a big impact on companies which have incorporated your product into daily operational support functions. Your products aren't just used by individual travelers who want to watch their home cable feed while staying at the Motel 6.  SB support, should allow users to roll back to the previous plug-in version, or at least provide information to fix the problem.  By your suggestion to "adjust the firewall", that tells me that tech support knows what is causing our access problems with the recent plug-in upgrade. SB Corp. unwillingness to work with customers to correct this high impacting problem will only result in frustrated customers looking for alternative solutions....which has already started at my company.





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                            Thank you VSOTestCart for bringing this up.  I am working on an XP machine with SOLO and it was working less than 2 weeks ago without any problems, but now it doesn't work.  Everything looks like it should, I get the remote and everything, but it doesn't control the SOLO.  When I contacted support, they told me it was that XP isn't supported and never was.  When I told them it worked very recently, they seemed shocked and said, "Sorry, we didn't do anything different!"


                            The fact that this is obviously a SB technical issue is upsetting that they are asking us to change our permissions and decrease our business security.  Not acceptable.

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                          I found a FIX for that. I took my slingbox back...

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                            I have the same problem everyone else is reporting.  Once I was forced to install the new plug-in, I could no longer connect to my 500.  It didn't matter if it was IE or FireFox, same result.  I can log-in and the program intializes, but then it won't connect.  And it gets better....  One of the SB support staff showed me how to use FaceBook to view SB.  That worked FOR A WHOLE DAY.  The second day I tried to login after logging in to FaceBook, the SB program reports that my name or password are not correct.  I got on a support session and the technician also tried to login from FaceBook without success.  He had no solution other than to suggest I make a post.  SB technicians are able to connect to my SB 500 from their end, so there is no hardware problem with my 500.  And it gets even better.... So, I thought I will buy the $14.99 iPad app.  I have a wireless network at work that is used by guests. I will take my iPad to work.  I had always been told this router operated on the outside of the firewall because it was designed for guests.  I have to supply a password for the router, but I don't actually login as a user on the network itself.  I could not get the iPad app to connect, yet, it would connect at home just fine.


                            I fully support the earlier posts calling for either an option to re-install the older plugin or some disclosure about what additional ports are being accessed by the new plugin that would trip the firewall settings, or whatever it is that is preventing SB from connecting.


                            Everything was working perfectly for me before the latest plugin.  I say roll 'em back, roll 'em back, roll 'em waaaaay back.  Otherwise, my 500 is just a very expensive doorstop.

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                              HT1977 Newbie

                              I may be wrong, but the IE ActiveX plug-in I get when downloading today is vs. 1.5.15770.  The verson I have recently downloaded at work that caused connection problem was 2.x.xx ,  if I'm not mistaken.  I'm not at work, so I can't check my work PC.  I keep all of the plu-in downloads on my work PC, and I'm sure the version 1.5.xxx was first delivered last December/January.


                              Did SB roll back the plug-in?  This will be the first thing I check when I return to work on Tuesday, 11/5/2013.

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                                  I have all of the same problems at my workplace and I think SB will have to agree that asking your employer to lower their firewall security or asking to let your new version through so you can "watch" your home tele while at work is a bit obsurd...but I would hope that they can let all of their customers know when a "new" version will come out so we can view without issues as we did on the previous version...or just send the older version back out to us and tell us why we actually have to keep updating all the time, just send one out that works and be done with it...simply put, we love your product and it has been a god send to people like me who work the night shift but since the new upgrade all it does is look cool on my dresser at home...PLEASE help us...we need you Slingbox!!!!!  There has to be something that can be done on the engineering end because previous versions worked like a dream.....

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                                  I have experienced all the same problems as you starting the day SlingBox launched their "Newwatch.slingbox.com" splash page. I came here to the forums after I had exhausted everything I knew to do. For the record I was running 2 different laptops and 1 desktop using Windows 8, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. I used Firefox, and IE 9, and IE 8 browsers and ran Norton Internet Security and Avast software on various devices. .


                                  I had no issues with any of these configurations prior to the Slingbox.com change but once the change occurred all configs left me with Audio but NO video. I went through all the same steps you have with browser updates, plug-in updates, plugin roll back attempts, and plugin removal and reinstallation all with no benefit. In fact it exacerbated the situation on the Windows 8 machine but knocking out audio as well.


                                  I also went into my Gateway/router and checked on the pinhole/port forwarding settings for Slingbox which had not changed. In any case I removed and reinstalled the pinhole with no change in my situation. I then went into my IE browser Privacy settings and made sure that Slingbox.com and Newwatch.slingbox.com were added to the Trusted Sites listing. Still no change.


                                  FYI...All of this was through my home office network and while I was unable to connect via the Slingbox.com site I was able to connect through all of my iOS and Android enabled devices that ran various SlingPlayer applications getting Audio and Video with no issue.


                                  After about 9-10 days of this issue, checking everyday to see if anything had changed I had an issue with Norton on one of my machines. The issue required Norton to run some repair files on itself. Later in the day after that occurred I tried slingbox.com and connected just fine with Audio and Video. I checked all computers running the various configs mentioned above and they all worked just fine.


                                  That was true for a couple of days and then I lost Audio only on the Windows Vista and IE 9 config. IT has been that way now for over a week and I thought I would check the boards to see if anyone had that issue and found a fix. Interestingly enough Firefox on that machine works just fine.


                                  Anyway I thought I'd share my experience and frustrations with you guys. If anyone has a potential solution to my audio problem let me know otherwise good luck with your own issues.


                                  And to our Slingbox tech staff, while appreciate your attempts to help, having gone through my own issues and then reading your responses to others, I have to offer the following:

                                  • The lack of ownership and accountability from Slingbox in recognizing, and owning the fact that the introduction of the "Newwatch.Slingvbox.com" was the source of the issue for all or most of the problems delineated here is extremely irritating
                                  • The use of canned FAQ's, that are truly irrelevant, in response to our requests is very irritating
                                  • As someone who has been a Slingbox customer since the launch of your original product, I have moved from a Slingbox advocate who urged everyone I knew to buy one to someone who now cannot in good conscience recommend you to anyone


                                  Good luck to everyone with their issues!