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    Slingplayer prompting for pwd


      Upon trying to connect, the slingplayer app is asking for a password.  When I put in the same password used to log into the app, as well as slingbox.com, it just continues to prompt for the password again.  This problem started occurring after we lost a connection due to Internet issues.  How can I resolve? I've deleted and reinstalled the app.  The slingbox has been rebooted.  What else can we do? The app is completely unusable at this point.  Thanks in advance.

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          anthony.sling Apprentice

          Hey lmcaspermeyer,


               Thanks for the post! Are you able to connect to the Slingbox from another device without any issues? When the SlingPlayer asks for a password, is it asking for an administrator password?

               Check to see if you are able to connect to your Slingbox on a desktop computer, or laptop computer. If you are, I would recommend going to setup.slingbox.com and changing the Slingbox password and trying this. The article below can assist you with how to change this password.



               If the above article does not help and the SlingPlayer is still asking for an administrator password, I would recommend trying "admin" or "password" for this password. I would also recommend turning off the security settings on your network to see if this has an effect, as well.


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