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    Please consider adding antenna/cable coaxial input back


      I recently ordered and received the Slingbox 500 but returned it

      as it did not have the antenna/coaxial input (output or passthrough)

      like the predecessor model HD-PRO had.


      I engaged in a discussion with Sling Media support/personnel and

      they indicated that that input was eliminated because it was outdated

      and of no use.


      I argued that some Comcast DTAs for basic cable only have the

      coaxial output and do not have component, HDMI or even composite

      outputs.  I even argued that if that was outdated, then maybe they would

      have to eliminate composite as some newer TVs may have or share

      with component. Also I argued that some TVs like Samsung still have

      the coaxial/antenna/cable RF input and his reasoning that input was

      antiquated did not hold up.


      I do not see why it is a problem adding it as it is not that big and just

      add the input at least as the pass-thru may not be needed.


      Well SlingMedia, please consider returning that input to your future

      models as some of us still like to watch digital antenna TV or

      QAM cable channels which still exist and Comcast still hands out

      basic DTAs for free which only have the coaxial/cable connections

      for basic cable channels. One may want to control those using the

      slingbox which I have in the past (HD-PRO and the red model one).


      I had wanted to modernize or update my Slingbox since the Red one

      I had , its IR input broke off and I still have the nicer and sturdier HD-PRO

      model. I wanted the wireless feature I guess and HDMI as well  as an

      update the HD-Pro does not have. So I was a little disappointed I could not

      keep this Slingbox 500 model just because it did not have the antenna/cable input

      for my use for now and hope you add it back in the future.


      Thank you.

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          I know you may think RF coax signal may be phased out

          or antiquated, but at least it offers an alternative source

          for digital antenna TV signals which do exist and is not going

          away as well as QAM channels via cable TV that I believe

          are free as well.

          It is only good I think to have multiple sources and choices, no?


          Also it would be nice if you could add Picture-In-Picture (PIP)

          option so one can swap between the different sources into

          the slingbox as you do supply the multiple IR sensor cable

          (For HD-Pro it had 4 sensors, I am not sure how many for your

          new devices).


          Well just some thoughts , but of course I am insignificant

          (despite my former experiences at AT&T Bell Laboratories/Lucent Technologies,

          - now retired- Master's degree earned, some computer, IT skills, ...)

          and you won't listen anyway.

          I guess I will have to stick to the HD-Pro (without HDMI & internal

          wireless --improvise using wireless bridge or dd-wrt firmware in router I guess).

          Have a wonderful day.