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    Periodic frame skipping on slingbox 350


      Hello there,


      I am writing to report a problem which has been really downgrading my viewing experience. I have to say I didn’t use to have this problem in the past. But one day, without me doing anything  special, it came up and it’s been here ever since.



      There is frame jumping/skipping in constant segments of time. (i.e. every n seconds I notice frame jumping spoiling the smoothness of the streaming). In one segment it can be every exact 10 seconds. On another segment it can be every 5 exact seconds.


      Temporary fixing:

      If I enter the settings of my cable box, and select 720p for picture quality and then go back to 1080i I manage to temporarily fix the situation. (i.e. I am able to get a clear fluid streaming with no frame skipping). But for some reason, which I haven't figured out yet, the problem always seems to come back.


      Extra Info:

      - I experienced this issue in more than 1 machine, so I reckon it's not a problem with the computer.

      - It happens when best HD is selected. But I usually get bit rates around 4000-5000 kbps.

      - What is definitely interesting regarding this frame skipping is that it's not related to a bitrate dropping, but more important it is entirely periodic. I timed it, and it will happen after every n second.


      Has anyone else experienced such an issue? Has it ever been reported in the past? Any help would be greatly apreciated.