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    Slingbox 500 DVR Video Playback doesn't work on iPAD


      I'm experiencing a couple of problems using my iPad,,,


      1. Most of the time, when I use the Favorites OR Guide to change the channel, the video goes black and I seen and hear nothing.
        • I use the DirecTV virtual remote to change the channel UP or DOWN by 1 channel and the Video & Audio start working again; but sometimes this doesn't work and I have to keep changing channels to get the Video & Audio to start working
      2. My biggest gripe is my DirecTV DVR playback never works.
        • Everytime, I go to play a recorded show, the screen goes black with no Video and no Audio
        • I haven't found a way to toggle the Slingbox to get this working yet,,,



      The Slingbox is physically connected to the Internet via Ethernet CAT5 with upload & download speeds of 35MB & 15MB respectfully.

      The Internet connection download speed via WiFi here in Germany is 10MB download & 5MB upload


      Normal TV channel surfing with the Virtual Remote works great,,,

      Even with HD; but I'd REALLY REALLY like to view my DVR Recordings


      Does ANYONE out there in the Slingbox world know what I can do to get these issues addressed or fixed???