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    hd pro on local lan - FAST on pc - SUPPER SLOW on android tablet


      I have the HD pro.  WNDR4500 gigabit router.  When conecting with my laptop through wireless i get 2500-3000 kbit speed consistenly. When I use my Galaxy Note 10 or my Galaxy S3 I get 200-520 kbits locally on wireless.  When connected through 4g I get 250 kbits max..


      I also have the vulkano and with the same configuration I get 2000-2500 kbits on all three devices locally and 1000 to 1800 kbits on 4g.


      I have reset the HD pro several times rebooted everything many times.  My download / upload connection is 30/6 mbits.  Although that should not really effect the super slow speed I am getting for my local network.  I have also switched out my gig router for a 10/100 and have exactly the same results.