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    Slingbox Solo won't connect when it is connected!


      When I try to use my Slingbox Solo I get the error message: Can't connect to your Slingbox because it is not conneted to the Internet (BUT IT IS) Make sure that your Slingbox is connected to your router. (IT IS VIA a Netgear Powerline Ethernet Adapter bridge - the Slingbox is connected to an adapter which is plugged in and upstairs my router is connected to the bridge that is plugged in to the wall).


      I tried re-setting the slingbox and that did not work. I tried disabling my firewall and Norton and that did not work. I unplugged everything and re-plugged it back in (adapters, router, slingbox) and that did not work.


      I'm frustrated and cannot figure things out! It was working fine for a long time and now it just won't. I recently had to disconnect an internet phone set up from my PC and router which messed up my Slingbox but now even though I think all is re-connected properly with my Singbox, Ethernet adapters and my Netgear wireless router I can't get the internet to find my Slingbox?


      Can anyone help!