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    Frozen image on either side of streaming image


      My slingbox 350 works except on standard definition channels with 4:3 aspect ratio, i see a frozen image on either side of the streaming image instead of black bars.  I don't have the same problem when viewing HD widescreen since the streaming image fills the entire screen.

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          Howdy, mdaley.


               If you adjust the aspect ratio to match the content you're viewing, does the problem go away?



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              No.  When i am viewing non-HD content, i typically have the same issue all the time.  I can adjust the aspect ration on the slingbox viewer as follows:


              AR = auto - yes, i hvae the problem

              AR = normal - yes

              AR = wide screen - no i don't have the problem.  However wide screen stretches the image to fill the whole screen and i prefer to view in Auto mode.


              Similarly, i can adjust the zoom as follows:

              Zoom = default - yes, i have the problem.

              Zoom = Letter box - no, i don't have the problem.  Again, however, i prefer Default setting becuase Letter Box trims some of the image

              Zoom = pillar box - yes

              Zoom = window box - yes

              Zoom = anamorphic - yes



              I only have the problem when viewin non-HD channels.  HD channels broadcast in wide screen format AR = auto and Zoom = default result in an image that fills the screen .... so no problem.  It's just non-HD channels.


              So my best bet for non-HD is AR=auto and Zoom = letter box... unless you can suggest some way to stop this from happening.  Perhaps it is a problem with my computer.