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    Slingbox is not currently accessible


      My 500HD has worked fine for many months. I recently switched ISPs from Verizon FIOS to Comcast, and got a new router. My Internet is working fine in all respects. My Slingbox is connected to the new router, and the LEDs on the rounter end of the cable are lit. I have pushed the Reset button on the Slingbox, and cycled its power. The power and network LEDs are lit. But when I try to Watch, I get the message that the Slingbox is not currently accessible. There are no new firewalls, etc., on my system that I know of. I use Avast! antivirus, but it seems to have no firewall.


      When I try to Setup the Slingbox, the system seems to find it, but I end up with the same "not currently accessible" message.


      Who can offer some help?