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    Help with New Router


      Hi, I changed routerd and now myinternet viewing is lost. For some reason, I can't get past the login to my router with user name and password (keeps saying it failed and I know it's correct) And because it's new a Cisco Valet Plus I can't select it in the manual option.

      One question, with the new router, my ssid name changed, is this the problem and if so how do I change this

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          eferz Expert

          The Service Set IDentifier (SSID) only affects your wireless clients ability to find the WiFi service.


          Once you have the local viewing setup for your Slingbox your done with its configuration.  The only thing that's preventing you from  remote viewing is your router.


          Slingbox provides its support through port 5001 (by default) and that's how you  access it from your private network and public network.  However, your router has certain services to provide you with a safe  networking enviroment.  Unfortunately, these services are also preventing you from accessing your Slingbox remotely. One way to allow your Slingbox outside of your network is port forwarding.  Without port forwarding any internet request for port 5001 will be ignored.  This is because your router doesn't know which of your networked clients will handle it.


          When you configure port forwarding on your router,  you specify port 5001.  This is the port which the Slingbox provides its services.  So, the next important part of completing the port  forwarding rule is the IP address of your  Slingbox.  Once you've completed setting up the port forwarding rule,  all of the outside requests for port 5001 to be directed to your  Slingbox.


          Verify the information of your port  forwarding  rule.  Using the stand alone Slingplayer, go to the command  bar | Help |  About Slingbox  <model> (Alt + E) | Information  Tab.  There in  the "Lan" subsection, you'll see the "IP Address" and  "Port"  information.  That is the information that you need to setup  Port  Forwarding.


          Another  alternative is Universal Plug  and  Play (uPnP)  its a set of protocols  that allows to devices to   communicate with one another for configuration purposes.  If your router is uPnP compatible, it is possible that its services is disabled by default.  If you can find the uPnP configuration within your router's configuration menus then enable it and run through the Setup Assistant for Remote Viewing.


          To  test your router's  configuration, go to http://www.canyouseeme.org and  in  the "What Port?" box type in the port number that your slingbox  is   using and click the "Check" button.