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    Verizon Fios No Video


      I have a sling Box Pro and it has worked well when I purchased the item and had a connection with Comcast Cable. I was able to directly connect the cable directly to the Sling Box to the cable and the Sling Box to a router. I then connected the Sling box to the Cable set top box and the cable set top box to the Television. Everything worked as advertised. I was able to have my family watch TV withour interference from my use of the Sling Box from a remote location. I only recieved basic cable channels on my Sling Box, but could change channels without affecting what was being watched on the home television. I did not have to use the IR devices to control my viewing selections.


      I switched from Comcast cable to Verizon Fios and thats when the problems started. I connected the units in the same matter as before. Cable to the Sling Box, the Sling Box to the Fios set top box, the Fios set top box to the TV. The Sling Box has been unable to to locate any channels using the Coaxial connection feature. I then rerouted the cables per the quick start guide which essentialy routes the signal from the coaxial cable Sling Box then to the set top box and back to Sling Box. I now have audio and visual content but am unable to control the channel unless I set up the IR connections to the Fios set top box, which means when I change the channel from a remote location I change the channel at home. I would like to avoid that conflcit.


      So here are the questions:


      Does Verizon FIOS have some sort of scrambler or encoding that blocks the cable signal form being processed by the Sling Box until the signal is processed by the Verizon Fios set top box? This would explan the lack of a visual signal from the direct coaxial connection. Is there a work around to this problem? Does Verizon scramble their basic cable signal? Am I stuck with problem of changing channels remotely and changing them at home?


      Any input would be appreciated.

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          anthony.sling Apprentice

          Hey charlesda,


               Thanks for asking! The recommend placement of the Slingbox would be after the cable box. Depending on the cable provider, the signal may be scrambled and the set top box your cable company provided would decode this. During the initial setup, it asks what you are using for a source. If you choose external box, you can then enter the manufacturer and model number of the set top box that you own. This will provide you with the same IR codes that your cable box uses to change the channel. You would then need to place the IR emitters in front of the IR sensor on your cable box to receive the IR signal the Slingbox sends.


          Here is an article that further explains how to hook-up the Slingbox PRO:


          If you have any other questions, feel free to respond or give us a call at 1-877-467-5464. We are open seven days a week, 10:00am to 10:00pm EST.


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              Thank you for your reply. As I had hope was clear from my post, I have allready installed my system as you have recomended using the Installation Guide. The isssue at the heart of the matter is wether Sling Box has the ability to access/decode the signal form the cable provider.


              With regard to Comcast, in my area, Sling Box can access and process the signal from the cable provider prior to, (up stream) of the set top box, for the basic cable chanels. The benefit to this arrangement is that I can view basic cable chanels and surf these chanels without interfering with my home access to the set top box which is being used by home viewers. In other words, when I change chanels, the chanels do not change on the set top box, because I am accessing the signal prior to the set top box. My home viewers are never affected by my remote choices. However, the cost in this matter is that I cannot access any chanel other than basic cable chanels, (which are not scrambled). I do not have access to preimium chanels, even though these premium chanels are available at home.


              Conversely, with Verizon Fios, all chanels, basic and premium, are scrambled; therefore any attempt to access the cable signal prior to the set top box is futile. Thus, I have set my system as you and your installation guide has directed and access the signal downstream of the set top box, which allows an opportunity for the signal to be unscrambled. The cost to me is that now, when I remotely tune a chanel, any individual whatching a program associated with the particular set top box that I have used for my Sling Box connection is affected by my chanel changes and choices. This is not my preferred arrangement, however it is better than no Sling Box at all.


              My only question, as I have an earlier generation Sling Box, is thus; Do the new Sling Box's have the ability to decode, (unscramble) the signals provided by the cable companies? More specificaly does Sling Box have a box that can decode a signal from Verizon Fios? If so, this would allow me, and I imagine many others, my preferred set up arrangement that does not allow remote viewing to interfere with home viewing.


              One last question. When I set up my on line account with Sling Box, I was given a full choice of local cable rpoviders and remote control choices in the set up wizard. This allowed me to choose the exact type of remote panel for my on line Sling Box viewing. However for my set up on my laptop computer for direct viewing, without going through my Sling Box online account, I was given very limited choice for my remote panel set up. I chose a generic Motorola remote that seems to work fine. I am curious as to when Sling Box will update their data base and offer a more current choice of remote control selections for non on line account viewing. Can you advise me if this update will occur?