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    Xbox 360 media center and slingbox Solo- IR vs RF?!?


      I have a slingbox solo that works great with my cable box. I just tried hooking it up to my Xbox 360 which I use as a media center extender. I was able to immediately get a good audio and video feed from the Xbox 360 but I could not get the slingbox virtual remote to control the Xbox media center at all. I used the slingbox online chat function and a tech support person named William chatted with me. He told me that this wouldnt work because the Xbox 360 is only controlled by RF signals while the  slingbox blaster only emits IR signals.


      After the chat I poked around online and found that, while the Xbox gaming controllers are indeed RF, the media center remotes for Xbox 360 are all IR. So it seems that the Xbox 360 can indeed receive IR signals. Actually I should have realized all of that before because I have used several IR remotes with my Xbox 360s to control media center just fine. Also if the two devices suffered such a total and complete incompatibility then why in the slingbox setup utility does it give you the option of selecting an Xbox 360 remote control?!?


      So now I am back to wondering why my Slingbox wouldnt control it. I did notice that the virtual Xbox 360 remote that the slingbox setup provided didn't look anything like an actual media center remote, but I don't know if that means anything.


      I tried to chat again with tech support but the person who came on, named Patricia, simply told me that "Xbox is not compatible with Slingbox. If it works great but it is not something we are required to troubleshoot."


      uhhh. wow. nice.


      Anyway I have extensively searched the forums here and there are people discussing Xbox 360s but it in unclear in those posts whether they are using them with the older slingboxes, which allowed you to control IR anf RF devices, or with the newer ones like the SOLO.


      If with the SOLO, then I am enheartened, but they are discussing creating custom remotes and I dont see anywhere on the slingbox setup wizard to do such a thing...any help is greatly appreciated.