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    App update?


      I have had slingplayer on my ipad for quite some time now and it's worked great. The other day it said that there is an update but when I try to update it, it wants to charge me again. Surley I shouldn't have to pay another $15 for an update?

      Any suggestions?


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          On Sept 30 i experience the same thing and sent the below inquiry to iTunes Support.


          They responded with a generic reply pointing me to instructions on how to re download an App... But interestingly said that they could see that I had purchased it (which I did last year) although I could no longer see it in my iTunes Purchase history!


          Clearly there is a broader issue affecting many people (or will when they try to re install Slingplayer for iPad)


          To Slingmedia Forum moderator: could you please ask Slingmedia support to investigate and let us know how to resolve this so we aren't forced to pay multiple times for re installing Slingplayer for iPad?




          Last week, after upgrading to iOS7 on my iPad 3, App Store on my iPad 3 said there was an update for my SlingPlayer for iPad app... but every attempt to update the app failed.


          So I decided to delete the app and re-install it.


          Problem is that it now appears that I have to re-purchase the app ($15)!


          I know for certain that I had previously purchased the app, yet it does NOT appear in my iTunes purchase history (via iTunes software on Windows 7 64bit).


          Could you please open a ticket to investigate the root cause and fix the issue so that I can re-install SlingPlayer for iPad WITHOUT having to re-pay $15?

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            TylerG Newbie

            Greetings, mattjredmond!


                 Are you logged into your iTunes account? If so, the SlingPlayer should be listed under your purchased applications; otherwise, iTunes would not realize you had already purchased the app, and would require you to pay again (per the rules of the App Store). If this doesn't work for you, it may be something you'd want to contact Apple about!


            Hope this helps!


            The Slingbox Answers Forum Moderation Team

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                Dear TylerG,

                Has SlingMedia changed the "identifier" number tied to the Slingplayer for iPad software bundle SlingMedia sent to Apple/iTunes?

                That would explain why Slingplayer for iPad no longer appears in our purchase history and why we need to re-purchase an already purchased app on iTunes.

                This could be an inadvertent change on behalf of SlingMedia (best case) affecting only those users who delete and then try to re-install the app.

                As i said in my previous post, I'm also working with iTunes Support to investigate.



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                    Dear TylerG,


                    "Mea culpa"!

                    Sincere apologies, as I now believe I have figured out what happened, and it is not due to iTunes or SlingMedia, but rather my error.


                    Please ignore my post.


                    Kind regards,