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    slingbox updates and downloads


      We keep getting update and downloads - 4 or 5 a day Most time they don't finish,  Can we cancel them while we are away so we can still use the slingbox?

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          Greetings, ACC5405208.


               If this issue is occurring with a legacy Slingbox, then yes! Otherwise, if you have a Slingbox 350 or 500, you may want to call us for support so we can find out why those firmware updates aren't sticking and give you a more permanent solution.


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              I am not sure what happened with my Slingbox SOLO. I went to watch the Slingbox and I could not get it to change channels. It appeared to not recognize my Slingbox so I did a reset. I have Comcast Cable Box that was built by Motorola. The model number is DCT1700. It made me go thru the setup of my Slingbox again and then it said Slingbox does not support DCT1700. I have been using this cablebox for three years with the Slingbox and it has worked perfectly. Now I cannot switch the channels. Did Slingbox do an update that got rid of my Comcast Cablebox model number?