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    Slingbox Pro HD and BT Home Hub 4 Infinity????????


      I have just changed from Talk Talk to BT Infinity Broadband.

      After the engineer left saying everything would work as before, I tried to access my slingbox via my iPad, iPhone and then my laptop to no avail.


      I tried to run the setup on my laptop, but the slingbox does not show up on the network, so that it a non-starter.


      After spending 2 hours on the phone to BT, the only advice they gave me was to contact SKY!! Which obviously has nothing to do with my Slingbox! They were extremely unhelpful and unknowledgeable of what a slingbox is.


      I have searched on line looking to find how to set up portforwarding with the Home Hub 4. But again I cannot find information. I have found help for the Home Hub 3, but I require slightly different information to set up the port forwarding.


      Can anyone help??


      Surely someone else has had the same issue?