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    Sling box pro HD and iPad.


      Slingbox and iPad

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          eferz Expert

          would go together like bacon and eggs?

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              ACC1008762 Newbie

              Seriously... if all they did was change the resolution for the video and menus and just release it we'd all be happy.

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                  eferz Expert

                  But, you wouldn't pay for it.

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                      We paid good hard earned money for our Slingbox Mobil software, not to mention buying the Slingbox Pro HD. They should push the software for free or a very small upgrade fee. Just my thoughts we welcome yours. Of course we have to have it now!!!!!!! Please???????




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                          I agree, we have paid. Personally I have paid for a slingbox, slingplayer mobile for both my ipod touch, and android phone. Since getting the android, I no longer use the touch but fortunately I can run that player on my iPad.


                          I find the slingplayer android interface much easier to use and navigate than the iphone interface and I hope that interface makes its way to the iphone version that I already own.


                          While it would be nice to improve the resolution for my ipad, it would only be useful when home.


                          I rarely find the consistent bandwidth required for more than 320x240 available while traveling - even on hotel wifi. When on ATT 3g, its rare to find enough consistent bandwidth for slingplayer as it is. In most areas I do much better with verizon mobile and internet sharing providing wifi to my ipad 3g. I often find verizon mobile's bandwidth better or more consistent than most hotel wifi or in-room connections.