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    Slingbox firmware update killed my virtual remote control


      My Slingbox Pro worked great for a year or two, and then Slingbox introduced a new firmware along with the new windows player that supported the DVR type controls and a new channel guide.  Great features, I did the upgrade and since then, my virtual remote control never appears, and the software always says it needs a new update.  I can no longer change channels remotely.  I tried all the troubleshooting steps like hitting reset but none worked.  I have since found many postings saying the box was toast and that Sling would offer $50 towards a new one.  Their bad firmware ruins my slingbox - and I have to pay for a support call that based on the postings results in Sling telling me to spend more money to replace the box they broke.  I have posted in several places - Sling never responds.  It is a great product ruined by poor corporate execution and a lack of customer service.  What a disappointment.  Has anything changed or is it still the same old Sling?  I figured with this fancy new forum where I can't find my old posts, maybe things got better?