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    Slingbox TV image not using the entire display area


      My Slingbox Solo is about 2 years old so I have a pretty good idea how to do everything by now. About a week or so ago, the TV display in the Slingplayer stopped using the full display area and now contains a black band around the TV to fill out the space. This occurs both when in the initial format with all the buttons showing, and when you click on the "View in Full screen" icon. I have powered it and my set top box down and restarted them but the problem does not go away.


      I also have a Belkin @TV box and it still looks fine so I doubt that the issue is with the STB. Any ideas?

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          Raushawd Novice

          Hey jpullam,



          Thank you for joining the Sling Answers Forums we appreciate your contribution. In regards to the issue you explained about the tv display in the Slingplayer there are a couple of questions that may help us identify your issue.


               1. Are you on www.watch.slingbox.com or using the Legacy Slingplayer?


               2. If you are on www.watch.slingbox.com have you attempted to adjust the aspect ratios?


               3. Finally, have you attempted to adjust aspect's in the STB?


          Here also is an article to factory reset the unit if all these things fail. Also I have included an link to the features of the watch.slingbox.com




          Best Regards

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              I am using watch.slingbox.com, not the legacy player.


              Adjusting the watch.slingbox.com aspect ratios does not fix the problem. It allows me to force a widescreen aspect ratio which fills the screen horizontally, but the black bars still exist at the top and bottom. But when I use the zoom, I can force it to fill the screen, however there seems to be excess pixilation when doing so ... as though it is just simulating a larger picture, which it did not do previously. For what it is worth, it is streaming on my LAN at a very high bitrate but the image does not reflect that quality when zoomed.


              The odd thing is that this worked fine for me and for a friend in HK up until a week or two ago.


              I am pretty certain it has nothing to do wtih the STB because my Belkin @TV still works fine.