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    Using a SlingMedia Solo with a SlingMedia Pro on a different network




      I was just wondering if I could setup a SlingMedia Pro at home (UK) on a standard network and take a SlingMedia Solo abroad (Spain) with me connected to a different network hooked up to my TV?


      Is there anyway I can configure the Solo to find my Pro on different networks?


      If this isn't possilbe, is the only other way to achieve this by using SlingPlayer on a laptop and connect that to the TV?




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          callanish Apprentice

          Both the solo and pro are streaming devices, they can't receive a stream, only send it.


          You've got certain connected devices that will receive the stream on your tv. The best device for that was the slingcatcher, but it is no longer sold. If you can find one for a good deal on for example ebay, I'd say get it. Second option is the wdtv live, hub and play devices. They have a web interface version of the slingplayer. If you're watching a lot of live stuff and not performing a lot of remote functions like dvr playback, fast forwarding, etc, you might tolerate the clunky interface and annoying remote delay time, and that's a problem, but it is functional. Last option is any of the Google tv boxes that also have the web based slingplayer built in. Pretty much the same issues with the wdtv boxes, but easier to navigate around the remote functions because of the touchpad. I don't believe the u.k google boxes have the slingplayer app link installed, but it's nothing more than bookmarking sling's web address for google tv.


          You mentioned laptop to tv. Probably the easiest and least out of pocket way to go as far as cost.