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    Slingbox 500 and Directv Genie Mini client


      I just got my Slingbox and its connected to my main Genie (HR34) in the living room. For the network I have it wired to a switch. I don't like that when connecting remotely the person in the living room is forced to watch the same thing. To get around that, I thought of moving it to my bedroom and connecting it to my Genie Mini but then I would have to connect wireless which could cause performance issues so I came up with another idea:


      Order another Genie Mini to be dedicated to the Slingbox and place both next to my router.


      Can anyone think of any issues with this? If the Slingbox changes the channel on the dedicated mini, it shouldn't change the living room Genie or the bedroom Genie mini. Will the Slingbox still work properly if there is nothing connected to the out (HDMI or component)? The only "out" I'll be using is the network.